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CNG Kits - Sequential Kits

We install Sequential Injection System based Sequential CNG Kit in all make and model of cars. Sequential Injection CNG Kit is a New and innovative Technology in the Field of CNG Conversion Kits that supply CNG Directly to Car Engine and hence better mileage and torque/pickup. Sequential Kit Fitted car run smoothly with CNG as smooth as petrol. Due to it's innovative technology, now a days cost of installing Sequential CNG Conversion Kits are about 150%-170% than the Conventional CNG Conversion Kits.

Sequential CNG Conversion Kits are totally automatic. Flow of Gas to Engine can be managed by computer. At drive when engine start, initially petrol is used as fuel. After a drive one KM or Engine Running time of 3 Min it automatically turns to CNG fuel without any jerk. When CNG pressure in the cylinder is reduced to a threshold value it again switches to petrol.

Three Major Parts of Sequential CNG kit
  1. Reducer
  2. Rail(Injector)
  3. ECM
Other parts
  1. Cylinder (Tank)
  2. High Pressure Pipeline
  3. Low Prerssure Pipeline
  4. Reflling Valve
  5. Map sensor
  6. Switch
  7. Pressure Guage
Sequential kit functioning

First the CNG gets fill up in CNG Cylinder(Tank) with the High pressure of 200 bar.After that CNG comes to Engine area through High Pressure pipe line.In Engine area first it goes to Reducer.Reducer's main work is to reduce the pressuire from 200 bar to 100 bar, then to 50 bar and then to 5 bar.Now with this light pressure it goes to the device called Injector through low pressure pipe.There are normaly four injectors installed in 4 cylinders car and three injectors in 3 cylinders car like in Alto, WagonR..these cars have only three cylinders other cars like santro and i10 have 4 cylinders.Now Injectors spray the gas into the each engine piston through nozzels fitted in the engine manifold by first making hole into the engine manifold ,and then nozzels gets fitted there and sealed properly.All these machenism and devices gets controlled by the device called ECM.It is the brain (CPU) of kit.It has all the necessary software downloaded through Laptop and gets store there permanently. Now the car is ready to go for test drive on CNG.

Well known Sequential Kits

Tomasetto Achille CNG Conversion Kit - Argentina & Italy
Pelmag CNG Kit - Argentina
Lovato CNG Kit/BRC CNG Kit - Italy
Landirenzo CNG Kit - Italy
Lomani CNG Kit - Italy